Old user come back for another look. However attractive Omnifocus 2 is, there is just something about theBrain I just love.

Something I am having problems with is spacing of the thoughts. I get that I need to be in an extended view to stop theBrain automatically placing things.

However, I would like, for example, when looking at the home with all the first level childs, more flexibility in their placing. I'm assuming that I have no choice but to make an extended view, save it and then pay the extra to upgrade the programme so I get to keep extended views [biggrin]

There where some other things, which have slipped my mind. I will add a reply once I have opened up myBrain and had a butchers.

I had also tried to get a floating note and thought window, thus allowing full screen for all my connections and not have a menu bar slide up from the bottom.

I thank you for such a wicked programme, I am using it in conduction with DevonTHINK and am trying to find a way to also link in with my writing programme, Ulysses III.


Welcome back to TheBrain! You are correct that an Expanded View is needed for customized spacing between Thoughts. You can view some tutorials on Display Options HERE, for more information.
Why thank you [smile]
Homework done sir, all videos' watched. 

And with that I seem to have found my problem:
theBrain is not mind mapper software on Ritalin; my bad.
Its' software that happens to look like, and can be to a point, used as mind mapping s/w.

However, what gives theBrain its power removes some of the (not sure of the right descriptive word) ease of mind mapping software, but that is not even a fair comparison to make.
Whats' that quote about juggling ants?

Which leaves me with a dilemma; do I need theBrain or powerful mind mapping s/w.
I am invested in Curio 8, but as that, and Omnifocus have new versions up its' all go here to try and find the right combinations to work with DevonTHINK and Ulysses III.
Gosh I love being Mac [tongue]

Also, Tinderbox, which is not really a mindmapper, but has a mapping ability, as well as an outliner. And it has timelines.
Tinderbox has a very high learning curve, but once you do the capabilities are amazing.
macOS 10.14.6
TheBrain 11.0.119
It depends on the information you need to access and what your requirements are as a user.  I would like to emphasize that TheBrain enables multidimensional categorization or relationship mapping and is infinitely scalable.

TheBrain Technologies
A mindmap view in TB that's been logged as a feature request previously might solve this.
TheBrain Slackware 14.2 KDE 4.10.3 Java 1.8 / (Windows 7)

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