Thinking that I would end the clutter on my desktop I selected a large group of desktop icons and moved them (Ctrl-Shift-Drag) into a Brain where I could organize them and find them quickly.  This included shortcuts to a number of key programs.  Later I discovered those programs would no longer run.

The move routine did not just move the shortcuts, but actually sucked the programs themselves right out of thier folders, putting the exe files in the thoughts instead of the shortcuts.  Needless to say, they won't execute there.

Happily enough, I was able to move them back to their orginal folders, except for two that I couldn't identify.

This is clearly dangerous to the user's system.  PB should never move (or even copy) an executable file without a warning message.

Of course, if you are moving a shortcut into the brain, a shortcut is all that should be moved anyway.  People don't like it when software does things they don't ask for.

I've experienced the same problem.

In my case, I created a shortcut to PB's installation folder, and I tried to move that shortcut into my PB brain. But PB was acturally trying to move the whole PB installation folder into my PB brain!

Luckily enough, I was running Vista with UAC protection, so the move operation was cancelled.

But for those who's using administrator account under XP, that could cause quite a lot of problems.

Thanks for your input on this and sorry for the inconvenience. This problem is being addressed as part of the 4.2 release (currently still in beta).

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