i) Deeplink Excel -> PersonalBrain

How can I define a link (for example inside excel) so I can jump (and open) an personal brain file and get navigated to an special thought, which is so in my focus?

ii) Deeplink PersonalBrain -> Excel

How I can jump from one Thouht direct into an Excel on an specific sheet1 and the bookmark1.



form Mindmanger 4.0 to Personal Brain it works:

1) Personal Brain - bookmark1
2) Mindmanger - branch - Hyperlink with:

native application's executable, like:

c:\Program Files\PersonalBrain\PersonalBrain.exe

and in the arguments (additional boxes beside the hyperlinkdefinitions) the
path to to the PB_file1 and the bookmark1, like:

d:\Personal Brain  2010\PB_file1.brain#bookmark1

=> Result, if I click in MMP on the branche I fly directly deep into the PB_file1 direct to bookmark1.

But how I can define a deeplink form Personal Brain to ohter files/applications?


Hi Tonja.

As for now you cannot link into a specific thought in PersonalBrain. Replies from TheBrain's CEO indicate that they might not be to far off in the future. :-)

Recently it was made possible to link to a thought from the notes area within PersonalBrain itself to another thought, so the technology is there.

Regards Hans Henrik Nørregaard
TB (Pro Combo) Windows 10 Pro 64-bit Java 1.8.0_211

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