I would like to see a way to set a default one-way link for a thought type. 

For instance I have a thought type "person" where all the people I am in contact with are added. When I do an activity or have a meeting I add the people who are participating as a jump thought for that activity or meeting. with one-way activated. 

This means that when I have the meeting selected I see who attended but when I have that person selected I do not see all the meetings that person was present.

So for each thought-type thought you would set the default for the one-way link for each jump-type (parent, child and jump). 

Do you think this would be usefull? 


This can already be done using Link Types.

Step 1. - Open Link options and select select or create a new Link Type:

Step 2. - With the Link selected, choose the 'Open Link Type Window' option from the Link tab:

Step 3. - Assign a Link Type direction:

Step 4. - Once you have all of the attributes set, select the Link Type for any additional Links:

Hope this helps.

The problem at the moment is that you have to select the link type for each link individually. Jeroen's issue could perhaps be addressed with the ability to select a group of links instead of just one.

Stephen J

Yes, multi-selection of Links is not currently a feature. Our engineers and developers are aware of this.

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