Hi all,

I am running PB on Mac OS 10.5.6 (Java 1.6.0_07). I found an issue based on my earlier screw up with PB. If possible please assist.

What happened?
I created a Virtual Thought (VT) by accident when linking a folder to the brain. I didn't want the VT but instead I wanted the files inside. So long story short I want the VT out of the brain.

What happens now?
I delete the brain from the desktop and the VT disappears from PB. Fabulous- this is what I want. But wait - When I add the folder back on the Desktop it arrives in my Brain again which is not so great.

What I would like?
Is there anyway that I can remove the reference from the underlying brain files so that the VT does not come back? I am a programmer with many years of experience so I feel comfortable tinkering a bit. Please point me in the right direction.

What about this feature?
Just a thought that one might like to consider a UI method of removing unwanted VT references from the brain files.

Thanks again,
Tommie Carter

Have a little fun each day.
In PersonalBrain, right-click the link to the VT and choose unlink. It will not update again.

Windows 7
OSX 10.6.3
Java SE 6
Thanks - works just fine. I wonder is there anyway to locate an old Virtual Thought in the brain? I know I had done this errant folder linkage before but now I cannot locate the area with the link pointing to the VT.

Anyhow - the issue with this morning's virtual thought is fixed. Once I spot the old VT I will unlink them.

BTW - Noticed a little BUG:

When I highlight the VT and click Unlink over its parent link the VT stays put and the regular thought next to it is removed.

So I performed Undo and tried it again - Same result!

Finally I tried to highlight the regular thought and then unlink (over the VT parent link) and the VT is removed.

Perhaps this is by design but I thought I would share in case someone else has this issue.

Tommie Carter


Searched the entire brain using the crawl function
This picks up everything when used to the extreme
I guess I must have unlinked the previous VT and they are not available.

Cool everything works!

Have a little fun each day.

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