First, congratulations on this release.  It positions a new axis of functionality and freedom around the brain star.

Because of this release the 'Details' tab rises in prominence within my brain.  My configuration is: Left column - p&a /  center bottom - notes / right bottom - details.  There are two problems with this arrangement:

Problem 1 - within the p&a:  It becomes a skinny window that leaves very little room for its multiple columns and thus the information (currently name & location) is hard to read.

Problem 2 - with Details:  I notice that the 'Details' tab shows only the details related to the selected thought and not for attachments.

....A possible solution to solve these two problems.....
When selecting an attachment, all its description data is shown within the  Details tab (along with the holding thought information).  

Ideally the p&a would also provide the user with a selectable menu for the columns that he would want to have visible (in my case only the name of the attachment would show on the p&a).



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