Hey Everyone,

Thought you might find this a bit humorous.

At work, I'm running on dual monitors, and I always have PB running on one of the monitors.

I've had a few questions from other staff members about the Brain, and it's always up whenever my boss has stopped by my office.  However, it seems that she's never actually stopped by when I've been using it, and just didn't notice it.

The other day, she stopped by as I was putting in quite a few PDF files I had created for some research I was doing.  Since my back faces the door, I didn't hear her come in, and didn't realize that she'd been watching me for some time as I was creating thoughts, adding PDF's, linking to webpages, etc.

Suddenly, I heard, "Did I just catch you playing a game when you should be working?"  (With humor by the way, my boss doesn't really question my work ethic).

"No, I'm actually working.  I'm putting things into my PersonalBrain."  Then I explained what it was.

"When did you buy that piece of software?"

"I've been using it for three years.  You're just now noticing?" (And she had just approved my upgrade to Pro a couple of months ago).

It drew her in . . .

She sat down, and spent about 20 minutes in my office as I explained the Brain, and showed her the benefits of using it.

I demonstrated how quickly I could retrieve information . . .

I tried to convince here that this could work for her . . .

Her reply, "I have enough trouble with Outlook! You always come up with something interesting.  I wish I could use software that looked that much fun!"

I shook my head, she's 30 something, I'm nearing 50.  She should be the one who's a little more tech savvy --

"You can!"

"No, it just looks too cutting edge.  I'd confuse myself."

With that, she got up walked out, and yelled over her shoulder,

"Have fun playing with your Brain!"

And that's been my challenge--the Brain is so unique, and thinking so hierarchical, It's difficult to convince others that it's really easy to use, and even harder to convince them that they really are allowed to have fun while they work.

John A. Taylor
PB Pro 6
Win XP, Win 7

I 100% agree with you!! My experience with explaining the software is exactly the same as yours! People assume it is difficult to use because it is different. When explaining it to someone they just their heads, and ask "nice weather today?", to change the subject.

I find it annoying that so few grasp the potential of PB, its simplicity and sofistication. Maybe I'm being 'religious' on this topic, and not convincing!?

Thanks for sharing!
I work with an Art association, and I've been thinking of giving a seminar to all the artist on PB. But, I'm afraid they will all have the same reaction.
I feel your pain. I've long been a Personal Brain would-be evangelist. I show it to everyone, show them what it can do, what I do with it (track documents, web sites, software projects, screensots, web layout and user clickstreams design, database design, code and data flow, etc). They all just shake their head and tell me its too much for them.

When I show them they can start out using it for just a few things (web site organizers, quick launch tool bars, etc), they shake their head and go--- "Why should I bother? I'm doing that in product x."

I've managed to get a few users turned on to it thankfully, but I find its very rare. Something about Personal Brain is just too--- different--- from what people expect of their software that they cannot get their heads truly around it.
Yes, Darkstar and everyone,
most people I share PB with quickly become afraid that the "picture" with all its thoughts and links will get too complex for them. But they are to create the structure they alone will feel suitable for them after all - it's not about understanding someone else's "personal" PB.
In PB, you can set up your own data structure nearly without limitations... is that too much freedom?
Maybe we PB "evangelists" should work much more with ready-made simple examples like the ones provided by TheBrain...

I've had the same experience, so now the first thing I show is the search function. Since instant search is a lot more powerful now, I find it highlights the power of PB much more.
Then I start to go into links and interrelations.
Windows 7
OSX 10.6.3
Java SE 6
A project management framework would have been great as an example for potential users .
TheBrain Slackware 14.2 KDE 4.10.3 Java 1.8 / (Windows 7)

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