I just found out it isn't possible to specify what links and/or thoughts are visible for:
1. anyone (public, if published on the web)
2. anyone in the team (if TeamBrain is used)
3. private (creator only)

Now it is either 1 or 3 for thoughts (not for links). Option 2 is lacking completely.
For our team this is a showstopper.

I do request this feature. Please let me know when it is or will be included.

Best regards, Koen
Not using TheBrain anymore. Switched to Roam Research.
If you want to support this suggestion, please vote here:


Not using TheBrain anymore. Switched to Roam Research.
Ah - this is a big step (and a great feature request).

Of course, our BrainEKP product has this capability of Thought Level Access Control and we hope to someday have these features in TeamBrain as well.  This is absolutely on our feature request list.

Thank you,

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