After upgrading to PBv6 (Pro) and exporting to SiteBrain the Pins are disappeared in SiteBrain. I tried this twice with the same result:  is this a known issue of PBv6?

Any suggestion how to solve this problem?



PB (Pro)

I received the the following reply from support regarding this problem:

"Yes, this is a known issue which we are looking into. A future update of PersonalBrain will contain the fix to this issue. Please note that we post release notes with each version of PersonalBrain we make available. The release notes can be found to right of our downloads page (http://www.thebrain.com/download) under the heading release notes. Once this issue has been resolved it will be noted in the release notes."

It is a good news that The Brain guys are working on this. I really hope to have a solution for this problem soon ......



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