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Normally, PB does index text files that are inserted into it. There was a bug introduced in PB that prevented that, but it has been reported as corrected as of (if not slightly earlier).

TheBrain does seem to have shot itself in the foot over its pricing, in my opinion. PB has a nice interface, but to use it in a multi-user environment is very pricy--- compared to similar products (some that were originally inspired by Personal Brain many years ago) that are available. And with the proliferation of collaboration tools, I think TheBrain has ended up missing that boat.
what products are you refering to, I would be very much interested in an alternative (mac) since the current version isn´t really worth it´s price and the free version is really useless!
If it's any consolation, I have a number of "major" and expensive apps that allow installations on one or two computers. In my experience, three is pushing it with such apps.

Looking around at various names, I find the following limited to at most two computers: Adobe apps, Office 2007 (certain bundles), Autodesk (only one computer), a single-user copy of OS X install has license to install on only one Mac, QuarkXPress, iMindMap, and Synchronize! X Plus. A search on the web shows countless others (I didn't count them ;-)
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I am quite disappointed with the licensing and pricing as well. I am a student and on disability benefits, so every pound gets turned over about ten times.
I really really like the concept of visualising links between thoughts. I am a strongly visual thinker, so this fits me a lot better than linking in a wiki style. Being able to add file and dates would make it infinitely more useful. However there is no way i can justify the cost.
I have a program that cost me a grand total of $20. It does linking between notes, calendaring, file management, and it integrates brilliantly with all aspect of OS X. The only thing it is lacking is the visual aspect. And that's just not worth paying ten times as much.
And all the programs i paid for that aren't Apple: Multi machine licenses. I thought that was pretty much a given these days, but i guess not.
Linada, It is a shame that TheBrain doesn't offer a student/educational discount. Even Adobe, whose apps generally cost hundreds each (or over $1000 for some bundles) have educational discounts, and rather generous ones (getting some packages that cost $500 down to over $100.

As for multi-machine installations, many "professional" apps limit these to one or two machines.

BTW, what $20 app are you referring to (that links disparate data together)?
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Yes, there is a student account, 10%, but it's only available over the phone, which for me is a) difficult to do, b) going to wipe out some of the discount. Even with the discount it's just not worth it IMO.

The app i am using is called Journler. It diary and entry based, but it's got a lot of additional features, which make it pretty unique as far as i have seen. Unfortunately development is pretty much dead on it, but as far as i am concerned it's perfect as long as it will run.
Ah, Journler - I have it along with a number of other apps that can do pretty much the same thing (Notebook is the premier one for me - I use it to write my lectures and keep various notes; some others are Together and DevonThink Pro Office). However, while these types of apps let you set links to other files, they don't offer the visual impact that PB does, as you pointed out. There are other apps that provide a better outline view than these, like OmniOutline and Mind Manager, which I also have, but rarely use now.

The thing I like about PB is that there are times when I need to look something up, but I don't recall what it is. Other times I accidentally run into something I have that I had forgotten about. PB's associations help me unearth these items.

It's too bad the educational discount is limited. Do you plan to use the free version of PB after the trial period is over?
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Yes, i am going to use it basically as a rough overarching concepts map. I can always reference other locations for detailed information and files in the notes section i suppose. I have been trying to leverage the linking power in Journler more, but it's just not something terribly intuitive in a text and list based environment.
I just wish i could stick the two in a blender together. That would be pretty close to the perfect information manager.
vlad1 wrote:
I am not that worried about the $US 250 cost for a PB licence - I am more concerned about the $US 25000+ licence cost. The inability of PB to be multi-user unless you pay $US 25000 (for the EKP server) + $1000 per seat definitely prevents PB's use in many corporate environments that are not flush with funds. This was the case before the global financial meltdown, and it is even more the case now. A pity - a multi-user version of PB would definitely assist some companies with doing

their b

well, I have felt that same way since the past 2 years, having forked over 249 for the 4Pro version, nothing from before or after is then usable, so I have 3 versions on my computer,  - and I for sure will not upgrade ver again either, because the last version I had to full purchase, because I had missed their next release date by a few days.
Also, had received a reply back then - sorry, that's what it is - either pay for it or use the old version.
I started using TheBrain way back when and really liked it, but as time went on, the incompatibility between versions of existing brain rendering older ones useless - plus the inflexibility of upgrade times - no Thanks.

This is an old thread but I didn't see a reason to start a new one.

Has there been any thought in recent months in offering the ability to use PB on a third computer?  I have not purchased yet, partly because I haven't figured out what to do about the 2-computer restriction.  No, I am not going to use a USB drive....

I have a Windows pc at home and one at work.  I also have a Linux netbook.  Apparently I'd not be able to use PB on the netbook if I installed PB on the work and home computers, even thought I'd not be modifying any brains at the same time from 2 or more computers.  Being one person, there's no reason/need for that.

I ask you to consider some way (besides running from USB drive... /sigh) to let people use PB from 3 computers.   I don't understand the reasoning behind allowing people to run PB from a USB drive, which can then be passed from person to person at a company, yet only allowing single individuals to use from 2 computers.  Yes I understand it's tied to the drive, but that essentially is what is being allowed, which doesn't make sense to me.

More flexibility please!

Edit:  I just now realized I could view and edit my Brain from the linux netbook using the web.  Yaay!  Viewing and basic editing was all I wanted.  Are there any plans to require people to have PB installed on a coputer before they can do BASIC editing (same as you can do now) via the the web version on that same computer?  That would be a deal breaker for me.

I guess it's assumed that allowing more than 2 computers would prompt one to install on a number of computers at home or work thus permitting multiple users to independently use PB, as if they had bought multiple licenses.  The USB route allows no more than one person at a time to use PB, not independently - if I understand how it works (I don't use the USB process).

I remember Borland Intl back in the 80s having a license in which you could install Turbo Pascal (and other products of theirs) on multiple computers AS LONG AS IT IS USED ONLY ONCE AT A TIME (the honor system in use).  That was innovative back then.

However, I don't recall seeing such licensing on expensive software.  MS, certainly not.  I guess The Brain has decided on their license policy after weighing the pricing vs. piracy.  It's their call - and yours, as a consumer, to decide whether to buy or not.
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It would be nice if they'd give the option for  third computer.  I have my work computer, home computer, and personal laptop.  

I'd be willing to pay something for that option, too.  
Same opinion about TBs licensing. Two computers make no sense. In my  opinion limitations like these in general don't make sense for software of this kind.

I should be able to access my personal informations on every computer i trust, anywhere.

I spent a lot of money for the latest hardware, for cloud-storage and cloud-services, why should i start carrying a USB-Stick around, again?

I'am using Neat Notes 2005 on every PC for almost four years now. And i started using Evernote to replicate a specific part of my informations between my PCs, my smartphone and my tablet.

I really hope they change their licensing politics. TB currently seems to be one of the best solutions for my personal needs. I would instantly buy TB pro, if it didn't had that stupid limitation.

Best regards from germany, zab.
Thanks all for your feedback. We've got some significant changes planned for how licensing works coming up with version 7. Basically, you'll be able to run your Brain anywhere (web or desktop) without limit, including keeping it running on multiple machines at once as long as you are the only user. And with sync, your changes will automatically sync across machines...

On a related topic, our new product, TeamBrain is just $299 per user for collaboration. The reason BrainEKP starts at $25,000 is because it costs a lot for us to support as it requires a dedicated server and a complex installation. TeamBrain eliminates those costs and thus is a lot more affordable for small companies and teams.
Very nice improvement! That was the point that made me hesitate to buy the Pro version, I am also a home/work/laptop user and therefore need 3 licenses.
TheBrain 7 will definitly be the solution for us.

So to use 3 computers, the best for now (for non-Pro users) is to use TheBrain 7 beta until the final version ? 
But what about WebBrain ? I actually use the 30 days trial ... is it possible to extend it until TheBrain 7 is released to continue working with sync'ed brains ?
- Brice.
French user - TheBrain 7 beta.

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