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I tried searching for this, and looking on the web site but I couldn't find a reference. I think I remember seeing in a forum post that the licensing has changed for TB 7, and now allows TB to be installed on up to 4 machines for use by a single user. I could be wrong, hopefully you will get official confirmation on this thread.

I do know that you can use TB on at least two computers. I'd also heavily recommend you use the actual WebBrain sync services rather than Dropbox. It's been noted a few times that syncing in Dropbox may cause data corruption, mainly because it's optimized for single files, not a database. What's worse is you may not even notice corruption is being introduced until much later down the road, when you may not be able to restore from an older version. Just giving fair warning.
macOS 10.14.6
TheBrain 11.0.119
pascal77 wrote:
Now that PB 7.0 is out, I am still at a lost if the Pro license gives you the right to install PB on multiple computers if you are the sole user using it?


- I buy one PB Pro 7 license
- I install PB on my home computer
- I install PB on my work computer
- I sync my brains through a Dropbox account

is that legal?



A Brain 7 Pro License allows for up to four separate activations on four separate machines on any of our supported operating systems. As zenrain has already pointed out, however, I would highly recommend against syncing your Brains via DropBox. The disadvantages of doing so have been discussed many times before.

Dropbox is a great service and they have managed to scale it to a huge number of users, however, syncing files and folders is far far simpler than syncing brains. A brain is a complex, interconnected network of nodes built on a database backend, it's not as simple as syncing individual files. The sync of brains is a highly specialized piece of engineering that we have literally been working on for over 10 years.
Thanks for answering pthompson.

You brought much needed clarifications, but there is still something that I am not sure about. It is about the Activation mechanism.

You say I can Activate the license up to four times. Is that four times total? Can I Deactivate a license? For example, say I activate PB on my personal home machine and on my work machine. After a couple of weeks, I have to rebuild my home machine and reactivate PB. After a couple of months, I have to rebuild my work machine and reactivate PB. Am I now out of Activation "tokens"? If my home machine needs to be rebuilt a third time, I will have to buy a second PB license?

Regarding Dropbox: I should have mentioned that I don't plan on using the same brain from 2+ different machines at the same time. The usage scenario would be to use a brain from work and at the end of the day to close PB at work. I would go home and open the work brain from my home machine through Dropbox.

I don't see how that would be problematic. Using the same brain through Dropbox at the same time, now that I can understand it would not work.

Thanks again!


If you would ever need to reassign a license, we are always willing to work with our users. You can always contact us to let us know if you need to activate your license on a new machine.

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