Here's a screen shot from James Burke's Knowledgeweb


Is this type of layout possible in the current web client?

What features about this layout/display did you want to replicate, Cerebrum?

Right now in TB9 web client we have pins, history, active thoughts with parents, siblings, children and jump thoughts as illustrated above. Connecting lines/links are also curved in TB9.

However, notes now automatically display (by default) beside the plex in a horizontal window, and below the plex in a vertical window.
> Manually clicking the 2 small circular arrows on the splitter bar will change the default placement of the note window until the page is refreshed, at which point the default placement will be restored.
> In either position, the notes can also be closed by either dragging the splitter bar or clicking on the tiny triangle on the end of the splitter bar to open the plex.

In addition, there are several layout and display features from TB8 webbrain we do not yet have in the TB9 web client:
> FIXED: Desktop themes do not (currently) match the web client
> Connecting lines (links) between thoughts become jumbled after navigating through several thoughts (manual screen refresh will bring them back into place)
> Pins
-- There is no "More Pins" button
-- Pin order in the web client doesn't always match the desktop
> Thoughts
-- FIXED: Hidden thought numbering is visible
-- Thoughts can't be ordered by type
-- Thought icons often disappear when links are attached
-- Links attached to thoughts are now hidden in truncated tabs, not visible in full above the note window
-- Long thought names in the plex frequently overlap with the vertical notes window
-- Tags randomly display in the plex and then disappear again
> Notes
-- FIXED: Local thought links in the notes don't work for anyone except the brain owner
-- Partially FixedWeb links (URLs) in the notes open in the same window and overwrite TB
-- The display of attached images is often extremely oversized.
-- Images in notes are centered by default, and we have no options to place them adjacent to text or other images
-- We have no option to reduce the font size in the notes beyond the default "normal" size provided
-- Horizontal rules inserted in the local client don't display in the web client
-- Several note features don't work in the web client (highlight for example)
-- No tables are available
-- We have no option to edit the HTML display of notes in either the web client or the desktop brains
> Other Missing Features
-- One-way links
-- Directional links
-- Wander
-- Option to reduce the size of thoughts in the web client
-- No short-link sharing option from within the plex of TB9

Additional web client considerations:
> The "back" navigation button (in Chrome) does not work reliably
> Large brains in the web client are also extremely slow to navigate -- or they completely timeout
> Web client brains can no longer be shared privately (via email) without also sharing the private thoughts in the brain.

This may be considerably more info than you were originally requesting about the layout, Cerebrum. However, all these considerations do relate directly to the display differences between TB8 and TB9, and they are extremely important for anyone considering the possibility of migrating a public or privately shared brain from TB8 to TB9.

Given this list, and the reality that TB9's Web Client doesn't look to be ready for prime time for a while, maybe TB would consider fixing a couple of fundamental TB8 bugs that show up in Webbrain.  The fact that thought icon images randomly do or don't transfer in TeamBrain, and disappear on Webbrain whenever you copy thoughts on the TB8 desktop, is maddening and a real problem.  
I agree completely, Mark.

My attempt to launch a public web project in TB9 has ground to a halt because of all the limitations in TB9 web client -- and, in light of this, I would really love to see more support for fixing the bugs in TB8 web brain. At least this would allow us to keep working on projects in TB8 with the goal of eventually migrating into TB9 when the TB9 web client provides that functionality we currently have in TB8.

If there's any chance the current TB8 web brain issues (bugs) could be addressed, please let us know, and I'll submit the appropriate help desk tickets for review.

For example: In addition to the Team Brain icon issue Mark mentioned, I've lost LOTS of icons in one of my regular brains, and I frequently lose images in that have been placed in TB8 notes. Then there's also the issue of pins disappearing in the TB8 web brain, which have to be manually restored manually on almost a daily basis.
I'll also post this in the relevant thread, but one update re the pins.  I am finding that when I RELIGIOUSLY avoid having Webbrain open when doing a sync from my desktop TB8, I don't have the scrambled pins problem.  Now this post will probably jinx that, but FYI. 

What I have no idea about (should test) is whether someone else accessing Webbrain at the same time causes a problem if I'm syncing that Brain. 

Oh, wow! That's really good to know, Mark. I look forward to following up on this discussion in the relevant thread. Thanks again!

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