Many of us have reported the mini-freeze issue with our Brains.  Often not so "mini" - e.g. 30 seconds plus.  

My question is, has anyone ever observed that behavior in the webbrain version of their Brains?  Is there a mini-freeze problem in Webbrain?   I'm hoping that for whatever reason the answer is no.  

If the mini-freezes were only encountered when actually modifying a Brain I'd be less concerned, since users of a webbrain don't have that ability.  But I'm just as likely to encounter the mini freeze when doing an instant search as when adding a thought. In principle the Brain is going through exactly the same process in Webbrain. 

Any insight welcome!


Windows 7, Brain 8.0.2, current Java

This is a great question and I would appreciate users with freezing issues could share their findings.

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