Since I need to pay to upgrade from version 9 to 10, I want to be sure that certain capabilities exist in 10 that (in my opinion) should have already existed in 9.  These capabilities are related to working with the file-attachments shown on the right-side of the plex (the content area?). 

  1. When multiple attachments are selected (in the content area), enable the right-click copy/cut options, and allow all selected files to be dragged either to the Plex or outside the Brain (e.g., to File Explorer). 
  2. When a file is dragged (from the content area) to an open area on the Plex, a new Thought should be created and the file added to it.  When multiple files are selected and dragged to an open area, each file should result in a new Thought being created.
  3. When a file is copied and then pasted back into the same Thought (or if it's dragged from the content area and dropped onto the same Thought), a new file should be created with "- Copy" appended to its name.
  4. Provide various ways to sort attachments, and provide a default sort option (e.g., Name).

Basically I'm asking if certain (critical) capabilities that existed prior to version 9 have been reinstated (and improved upon) in version 10.


Thank you, Brent, for inquiring about these features. These are extremely important (critical) functions to me, as well -- and in TB10.0.25 on Windows almost none of these features are (to my knowledge) available. In fact, this is one reason I'm still working in TB8 -- and only using TB10 for testing.

Performance may be different on an iOS system. However, as far as I've discovered on Win7, only option #4 is available to the extent that attachments in a list can be manually sorted. Please note, however, that this preferred sort order is NOT currently reflected in the tab order in the web client.

Also, FWIW, to your list I would also add:
  • When single or multiple attachments are selected, allow them to be moved or copied by dragging them from one existing thought and dropping them onto another.

In addition, here is one recent, related discussion:

Will be interested to know if anyone else on Windows has found any ways to achieve these results that I have missed.
Please note there are also several other attachment-related bugs in the web client, in case web client display/performance is important to you:
  • Attached images will be grossly oversized.
  • Attached images will overwrite an existing thought type icon which will need to be added back in manually.
  • Attached links will also remove an existing thought type icon which will also need to be added back in manually.

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