One last, and maybe stupid, question for today:

Does it still make sense, to report issues with version 9.x of TheBrain, or do I just waste my time producing time consuming posts, while you are preoccupied with the beta of next greatest version of TheBrain? What you describe as major improvements of the user interface in version 10.x should find its way into the current stable version 9.x in form of minor upgrades.
Reinhard, TB, WIN 10

Quality is the result of attention paid to details.
Good question -- and one I share, since I'm still running into quite a few error messages and bugs in v9.

When this happens, it is tempting to start working in v10 -- but beta versions have their own challenges.

In light of this, I never quite know where will be the safest, most stable place to work, especially since I've been told in the past that the fix for my current issue has been provided in the most current alpha/beta release.
I have also in so many words asked that same question to the support group. I sure hope they haven't given up on version 9 because there are a number of issues that they should fix. It is my belief that version 10 is really not out of the alpha stage yet and I would hate to sacrifice my time confronting a mountain of issues in version 10that will take months to rectify.

One question I have asked of the support group is will version 10 have a solution for the drag-and-drop of Outlook email to the Plex which was lost with version 9. I believe we were promised a solution but it has never arrived.
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Please do post or report issues with v9.  It is still our current release version. There is always a possibility of an issue we have missed that needs to be addressed.  Also, if the code allows, we'll do our best to integrate any issue that is fixed in v10 back into v9.

Thank you,
Thanks for confirming, Matt.

Please see several recurring note editor bugs I've been getting through multiple versions of TB9 detailed in this discussion thread.

In addition, for weeks (perhaps months) now I've also been getting recurring (and reproducible) error messages when I try to copy or cut a link attachment from an existing thought. FYI, each time these 2 bugs occur, I've been reporting them to the engineers using the in-app notification option.

Currently running TB 9.1.17 on Win7.

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