If I install a new version of TheBrain just overwriting an old one during the normal uodate process, the installation program generates double entries in the Windows control panel (see picture).
If I then choose Richt+Click + Deinstall i.e. on the first (oldest) entry (in the picture version, Windows deinstalls the newest version ( TheBrain is gone, and a complete new install is required.
That's serious!

Click image for larger version - Name: DoubleInstallation.png, Views: 51, Size: 63.01 KB
Reinhard, TB, WIN 10

Quality is the result of attention paid to details.

These installations are different versions and will only appear all at once if you did not install every version into the same directory, overwriting the previous version. As you can see in the list, the time each version was installed is listed. You might want to double-check your Program Files folder to make sure you do not have all of these versions installed in separate folders as I have never seen this occur in any other case.

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