I was hoping the change in IOS version not downloading attachments would be temporary. I bought IPad with high memory for the purpose of having the attachments with me even when not on the internet.
Hi Sibley,

I just responded on your other post ( ) but I'll add to that here. 

You can download attachments to your iPad by accessing those attachments, and they will be available offline. Those same attachments will sync back to your Brain if you make any changes. Just remember to manually sync your iOS Brain.

Cheers, Sean
In your other response, you mention the limited capacity of many IOS devices.

Yes, but many don't have limited memory.  My Ipad has 512GB.  I know some Iphones have 256GB. I think some may have 512GB.  

That of course is enough space to hold a very substantial brain in fact I think your web service maxes out at way less than that. 

I understand some phone cannot download all attachments but some can. 

I am not arguing with you. I am just thinking out loud.

The ideal situation would be to have the option of downloading all attachments or not.

Of course, sometimes, you cannot predict what attachments you may need in advance.

I think part of the problem is some people have such universal internet that the need for offline access is minimal. 

Actually, I would have internet access near 100% of the time on my phone but not my Ipad. 

I've documented your request for an option to download all attachments for an iOS or Android Brain.

Thank you,

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