I'm coming back to TheBrain after an absence of some years...it should be well suited to a particular project I have.

My browser of choice is Vivaldi (based on Chrome) and I am finding that Brain won't accept a drag and drop of a website from Vivaldi...which is quite literally the first thing I tried. Drag and drop works fine from Vivaldi to my desktop, but not to Brain...so the problem is not Vivaldi, as such. Equally, drag and drop works fine from Chrome to Brain, so the problem is not the Brain as such. It is Vivaldi/Brain relationship issue.

Anyone else getting this? Anyone else solved it?

As an aside, from skimming a few threads, I see that TheBrain still seems to have more than its fair share of significant issues. For a product that attaches such high value to its Pro version, I really think we are entitled to expect better, especially as it has been going on for years. For such an ambitious and terrific concept, it seem to keep letting itself down on issues that other apps either don't get or have solved.




Thanks for writing in. Your request has been documented and sent to our engineering team. We will be sure to keep you informed once there is a solution for this issue.

Thanks for the response

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