Drag and drop INTO TB9:
  • create a thought
  • add a PDF attachment
  • drag a PNG or a JPG file from finder onto attachments header bar
--> you will see both, the PDF preview and the PNG / JPG attachment information within the attachments details view, in horizontal as well as in vertical layout of the views. Btw.: TIFF files are no problem.
[Update: I think, I was wrong in some way - it's just the "normal" preview of the PNG/JPG, BUT: I had de-selected the preference UI>'Previews for file attachments' at that time; the error is: the preview-preference is ignored for PNG and JPG]

Drag and drop OUT OF TB9:
  • you can drag and move an attachment within the attachments header bar,
  • BUT: you can NOT move an attachment out of TB9, e.g. to the Finder


The preview preference is ignored for images because that is not speeches technically. It's just showing you the actual file.

Unless something is broken, You CAN drag files from TB9 to finder. You have to drag starting at the icon of the attachment, not the tab for the attachment. This is a new feature added in .107.

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