Since I upgraded to Firefox 3.6x it seems to have developed a really annoying bug that finally made me decide to change to Opera for its speed and convenience. However, I was surprised to find that dragging favicons from it to PB did not work until I discovered this to be is a well-known issue, previously reported here:


It seems that neither Opera nor Safari support Microsoft's DnD API, which according to one report (caution: profanity) is appallingly badly designed. Even the current version of Opera (10.60) does not support DnD a favicon from it to another application (confirmed here), though as Shiiko pointed out in 2008, you can DnD a favicon from Opera to the Windows Desktop, then from there to PB's Plex. Obviously for this to work, neither Opera or PB can be maximized, which is less than ideal.

A fix for Opera 6 posted here has not worked for me. Anyone have any better solutions? I'm not overly fond of IE or Chrome.

Alan Rhodes

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