In MS Outlook  I do search for some mail which results with outlook advanced search dialog with list of few mails. When I do Ctrl + drug 'n' drop into PB then wrong item is dropped (this was case with previous releases also). To be more precise, the mail that is selected in main outlook window is being dropped into PB, instead of mail from search box.

Is there anyway to fix this ?

(Windows 7, Outlook 2007, PB , J 160_17 - even though this was noticed with previous versions of PB on WinXP)


p.s. even though this is not the place, when can we expect new release of PB

vindi, Thanks for posting. I was able to replicate the drag and drop problem and have notified the engineers about it.  Regarding an expected date for a new release of PB, I will have to check with the developers about that .



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