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Just tried to move an attached internet-link ("https://...") via Cmd-drag/drop from one thought to another ...

Oh, dear, what a mess ...!

Source thought is the active thought, just to be able to access the attached URL ...
"This URL is already attached in your brain. Continue to add URL?" [don't ask, and that's wrong anyway - on move the URL only exists ONCE in my brain!]
["Add" will create a COPY?!]
"Replace" [?? WHY? The target thought does NOT YET contain THAT VERY URL at all!!]
Wait, and be patient ...
When completed: the URL is still visible on the source thought attachments list?! [wrong, list is just not updated];
the target thought gets an icon that indicates that the URL has been moved. [ok]

Now, activate target thought [ok, got URL];
re-activate source thought. [phew, the attachments list is empty]


macOS Catalina, Version 10.15.4

When you drag and drop a URL from one thought to another, TheBrain is giving you the same type of message as it would if you drag from another web browser.  You already have the link in your Brain... you might not be aware, so there are options to cancel the action, add it anyway, replace, etc.

I may have missed it, but what option did you end up choosing in the scenario above?  Maybe a video would be helpful if possible.


the "warning" in question IS wrong when an attachment is MOVED from one thought to another.

As I mentioned in my initial post, I tried to MOVE an attached internet-link via CMD-DRAG/DROP from one thought to another.

To visualize the situation on start (attachments in square brackets):   thought A: [link], thought B: []

Against any logic I had to choose "Replace" to get TB move the link from A to B ...

The goal, the situation when link was moved:   thought A: [], thought B: [link]

So, please think twice: where is the allegedly already existing link, which needs to be replaced?
The correct answer is: NOWHERE!!
[I don't care, if you technically first copy the A[link] to B[link], and than delete A[link] - I want to MOVE the link from A to B, and the link on B shall be the very same, not just equal to that in A.]


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