Apologies in advance if these questions have already been addressed elsewhere.

(1) Just now added and renamed an attachment (URL).
(2) Dragged the attachment tab into plex to create child thought.
(3) Child thought was successfully created.

However, I ran into 2 unexpected outcomes:
-- the new name I name I just gave to the attached link was lost
-- the attachment was copied into the plex instead of moved

In light of this, I now have 2 related feature requests:
(1) Is there a way to set TB9 such that changed attachment names persist when they are moved or copied?

(2) Can we have a properties setting that will allow us to set the default behavior on this action (described above) to be MOVE instead of copy?

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Update: Running on Win7
What version are you using?   I can't even drag a file out to make a new thought in (alpha) at the moment....

For the moderator reading... that sounds like a bug in the alpha release
well, turns out that I must be having machine specific issues.  The installation on my laptop works just as you would hope.  I can drag an attachment out to create a child thought and everything stays where it is supposed to.

However, I agree that there is a problem with whether it is copied or moved.  even when I change the preferences in the UI section to "move dropped files" it still just copies it.  and none of the helper keys changes that.
Thanks everyone for bringing this to our attention.  I'm seeing mixed results on Windows vs. macOS.  I'll also document the request to have the tab dragging obey the drag and drop settings.

Thank you,
Just now updated my original bug report (above) with my brain version #. Apologies for not remembering to include it initially.

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