I've unchecked the "draw links" and "show siblings" options in my brain preferences, but the links and siblings show up on webbrain. 

Should my webbrain reflect the preferences on my desktop, or is this not yet a webbrain capability? 

When showing plexes to new viewers, they seem to be intimidated by the multiple link lines and siblings.  They take one look and don't want to bother learning more about TheBrain's fantastic features.

If not yet available, please add these to the user wishlist for your engineers.


katrinka, Thank You for posting and welcome to the forum . The "Draw Links" feature is a PB feature not a webBrain feature. Therefore your webbrain will not refelect the preference after you sync. At this time webbrain is in its prime, we have a lot more features planned for webbrain for the future. Please post a feature request to add the draw links feature to webbrain on our Uservoice page.


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