funny thing, regarding the Notes section.

The formatting is excellent and works when I access the Tool Bar (the font dropdown/the point size/ the B for Bold /Italic etc) all these work perfectly.

What does not work on my computer is the File/Edit/View/Insert/Format/Tools/Table dropdown menus???

I can see them. I can rollover and they drop, and I can see the list available (like in the Format column displays ( List Properties... B Bold/I Italic etc BUT none of these work?? my mouse does not select.

I can select the word Format and it does turn blue, but when I slide my mouse down to Bold or Italic etc NONE rollover and none are selected.

Makes me want to re-instal PB or it's a bug, or it's...?

Thank you


What OS are you using? Please try closing and re-opening PB. If you continue to have a problem, please contact us via support@thebrain.com.

Hi Mod,

I closed PB.
I re-opened PB and it automatically opened "MyfirstPB" (the one I just closed) still with the same Notes fault.
I created a new "TestPB".
Closed PB re-opened with TestPB and Notes worked!
Closed re-opened with MyfirstPB and it works!

thank you

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