It would be great if we had an "inbox" in TB.
If I have for example a file that I want to drag into my brain, I have to first go in and create the relevant thought, which means I need to figure out where that thought should go.
If I had an inbox inside TB, I could just throw the file in there and organize it later.
We could also create clipping-tools inside the operating system that would allow my put the weblink I'm currently at into TB or the file under my mouse cursor into my brain INBOX. With a hotkey I could get a quick-note window, jot something down and it would end up inside my inbox.

Then I could have a little session later on where I create thoughts for those items in the inbox and organize everything.

That would be truly great!
+1 - great idea!
There is definitely already a feature request for this, but thanks for the suggestion.
Yes, we have been planning for this for a while. It already exists in the iOS and Android clients FYI.

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