Each Day of Calendar / Linked to a Thought

Just prior to the beginning of a new year, I create 365 new Thoughts under a Parent Title such as 2013.   Each [Day Thought] is named and created in the format
2013/01/24 ;
2013/01/25 ;
2013/01/26 ;
2013/01/27 ;  etc

(and speedily pasted / activated from a spreadsheet)
I am wondering why these could not be linked to the calendar, in such a way that when I click through various Calendar dates, the linked Thought becomes the focus.
This updating focus mode, could be turned on and off via a (newly provided software) toggle button at the top of the Calendar. (I might want to revert to the existing [non linked] mode if working on a thought that I don,t want vanishing etc)

I find this system useful for journaling significant things that happen daily, to an archive.
The updating linking, discussed above would be a fast way to access any given nearby date.
The default thought focus would ideally be linked to the TODAY Date, at opening the Calendar / Brain Startup etc
Perhaps each new brain could provide an auto generate [Day Thoughts] dates feature, with the click of a button, together with a desired date range option, asking past and future limits.

(As an aside, after I have populated such a thought, I typically expand the Title to include something notable about the day, example
Thought Title now =
2012/05/13 Signed up Jeff & Sue H as distributors with Drink A.C.T

Thought Notes =
Sent details of   page to Ted Baxter
referral sounds very positive / follow up in 2 days
Took the Dog for a walk at Birdlings Flat Beach, beautiful sunset !!!!
Nellie found a piece of red plastic in her icecream


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