I've used Personal Brain since the start. While I understand the need to try and get more revenue, it's disappointed to see that if I want to have key features (i.e. attaching files) that I have in v.3, I'm now forced into a relatively large upgrade fee.

So, if I want to keep my existing features and ensure that I'll have support on future platforms, I have to cough up more cash. Wouldn't it have been better to provide existing users who bought a licence an upgrade to Core, so they could at least keep using the tool in the way they have been.

I really don't want to get locked into a continuous forced upgrade path (that was one of the things I liked about The Brain - not constant payments). Sure, Pro has new features - and that should be extra.

Of course, Personal Brain is not the only tool where this happens, but it's causes you to think whether you can live without it - as it's now another thing to find money for.
Thanks for your post. Just to clarify, if you don't want to upgrade from Version 3, you don't have to. It still works just fine, but it has been over 18 months since it was last sold and it is no longer officially supported.

Also to be fair, if you compare Version 4 with Version 3, you will see it has many many new features, even if you decide only to upgrade to the Core edition. These include: expanded views, searching inside attachments, customizable zoomable thought icons, BrainZips, multiple thought selection, a more robust and expandable database backend, visual themes, more powerful instant activate, and much more. Version 4 represents a very large amount of R&D effort - a complete rewrite of the software.

FYI, Version 5 will be released soon (you can download the beta now) and anyone who buys or upgrades to Version 4 after June 1, 2008 will be getting a free upgrade.

Finally, if you look at the release history of Version 4 (available on the download page: http://www.thebrain.com/download), you will see that we have a track record of continually improving PersonalBrain and unlike many other companies, we do not charge for every upgrade that adds new features. The 4.0 to 4.5 added 59 pages (!) worth of features and fixes.

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