Most applications provide easy access to the User Guide. But TheBrain doesn't seem to follow the common practice of making the User Guide (or Help file) the first option in the Help pulldown menu. Instead, you have to click on Getting Started to go to the website and then search for the manual. This is too cumbersome.

On my Mac, the Help menu looks like this:
  • TheBrain Tips (I have never found these to be useful, so I wish they did not have such a prominent spot.)
  • Getting Started 
  • Visit http://www.TheBrain.com (Is this really needed? The Getting Started link already takes you to the website. I am using the application already, so I know how to get to your website.)  
  • ---
  • Check for Updates (In Macs, I typically see this option under the "TheBrain" pulldown menu.)
  • ---
  • Recommend TheBrain (This is overkill. If I want to recommend this application I know how to use email.)

How about something like this?:
  • TheBrain Help (direct link to the User Guide)
  • ---
  • Tutorials (the old Getting Started link)
Windows 7
Java 1.7.0_25
Nice, I agree!
Simplify, Simplify, Simplify - Thoreau

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