The Brain is a tool with great potential but there are minor issues that prevent it from getting there. A couple of ideas to facilitate creating and tagging new thoughts:

When we start creating a new thought, the Thought Types list and Tags should open automatically (add a configuration option for users that don't want this behaviour). It could show up as the search list for thoughts selection, on the left side of the screen (placement on screen could be another configuration option - left, right, below, hovering). We would write the Thought name and then just click the type and tags on the list.

It could also be done by typing:

Type "New thought" ENTER, a second box appears for the thought type - type a few letters of "Thought Type"ENTER, a third box appears for the Tags - type a few letters to select or enter new tags. Press ENTER, ENTER when finished.

This would allow very fast Thought creation without even using the mouse. The list that shows up today in version 9, where we have to click to open, then click Type, then scroll down because only a few Thoughts Types show up, then click again, then go back to the Thought and click before pressing ENTER (otherwise the thought vanishes) is not good - might not be the finished product... I don't know.


Thank you for your thoughts and suggestions. I would recommend, if you have a Cloud Services subscription, that you join us in our Brain 9 Forum where new suggestions are likely to be implemented. I will share your thoughts with our engineers.
I agree I would like to able to open a document and click a word and be able to choose where it will go in the brain, especially in the new mind map format. So I can choose how the mind map will  look as I am selecting and pasting my chosen words from what ever source I have opened.

Thanks, we've recently written up a few new feature requests for "advanced Thought Creation" that capture your request for easy Type and Tag assignment.


Interesting request.  I guess this would fall into the "Send to TheBrain Inbox" feature that we have been toying with.  I'll make sure your feature request is documented as well.

Thank you,


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