If Notes Editor is not wide enough, the button for color background is hidden (like insert date & time is)
Since color button function is not available in the menu there is no other chance then to release Notes Editor from docking.
Best solution would be a wrap of the symbols line: When Notes Window is floating, the wrap is already in place. But when docked, only one line is visible! I use advanced tools layout.
Seems to be only a small change.
Second best would be to allow to rearrange the symbols.
Third best is to include color function to the menu (Format)

... Furthermore I think TheBrain is unique
regards Hannes from Bavaria
Brain Junky V6.x Pro / WebBrain / V7 Beta /
Win 7 Prof 64 & 32, MS Office 2010 & Outlook & Firefox & IE
Thanks for the tips.  We'll add this to our Feature Request list.


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