When I e-mail an Evernote ( note, it arrives with the note's content as the e-mail's body and with an Evernote.enx attachment that allows for easy inclusion into the receiver's Evernote database. Double-clicking the attachment adds the note to the database.
A great PB enhancement (Pro only?) would be the ability to e-mail selected thoughts and to easily install them in the receiver's brain. With this feature in place, I could ask a colleague to "Send me your thoughts on NOR Flash." It would be very convenient.
-- Sam
That's a pretty cool idea actually.  You'd need some kind of file association that would trigger a brain action.  That might be a little tricky.  You'd have to prompt the user for the parent thought you want the new thoughts to become children of or do you just assume the active thought?

Worst case you could just past the XML of the selected thoughts into an email or attach them as a text file.  The recipient could then just copy past them into their brain.

Anyhow, cool idea.  Implementation is Harlan's problem.  ;-)


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