Hi all,

i've been working on an email2pb type of program. right now, it's out of the ugly-bugs-state and i'd like to share it for some feedback.

What it does: It reads an e-mail in rfc2822 format on stdin and creates personal brain output. You can make use of subject line switches for configuring e.g. what type of attachments should be attached to the thought etc. Once the mail is parsed you get an xml-file with the e-mail(s) as notes-content and files attached (this needs local access or remote httpd with e.g. procmail)...

However: This is beta and is recommended only if you like working with scripts on the command line and have some experience with beta-software. Right now the script does what i need it to and i might add features in the future though i can't promise. Feel free to contribute/...

Ah yes: it's written in perl and i haven't done that in, hmmm, 10 years or so AND i'm just a hobby-chef :-p

Please let me know if you like it/ you find bugs/ ...

I've tested it under Linux with PB5.5.0.2 Pro.

Small bug: New version mail2pb_v0.21b
If you want bounced e-mails to appear with a correct creationDate timestamp, change line 352 of mail2pb as follows:

my $timestamp = $mail->timestamp();

should become
my $timestamp = $mail->guessTimestamp();

Using timestamp() tries to get at the real sent date (in case you bounced it, the time that happened), while guessTimestamp() will try and reconstruct the Date it was originally sent, if it can.
Thanks to zenrain for his post on E-Mail and Calendar linking that triggered this change.

I've updated the version to 0.21b and attached the new files.


-- ( on Mac OS X 10.12.6
   Old enough to remember Natrificial times...

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