I use Embedded Browers within TheBrain? 12  votes

 Yes 7 votes
 No 5 votes
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Just curious, do you use the Embedded Browers within TheBrain (Desktop)?

TheBrain, iOS V10.0.
Windows 10 (V19041), Windows 7 SP1, OS X V10.15.x
Using The Brain since V3 (1999)

Don't use the embedded browser in the desktop brain.

Would also strongly prefer not using it in the web client.
I use it. 
It allows me to view a web page almost instantly without drawing my attention away from TheBrain. I can even create new thoughts and new links from the page that is being displayed in the embedded browser. Also, there's often a relevant image on the web page that is readily viewable so I don't have to add a separate image attachment to the thought.

I have quite a few links to Wikipedia articles and I usually have a link to the mobile version ( which displays a nicer version of the article in a small browser window. I've even changed Web Search to use the Wikipedia mobile address.

If I want to view a URL link in my browser (and there many reasons for doing this), I double-click on the link.
Basically the same as Cerebrum. I use it a lot, primarily for viewing content, not interacting with it (like articles, blogs and informational, not web apps or ordering)
macOS 10.14.6
TheBrain 11.0.119
I use it a lot.  One very common use case for me is working with my CRM, Cloze.  All business contacts in The Brain have a link to their "page" in Cloze.  When I activate their thought in The Brain, the web page shows almost instantaneously.  I can use that to review their history and interact with them right inside The Brain.  I have removed all notes from their thought and put those notes in their Cloze record.  That way, the web page automatically shows in the notes section instead of any notes.  I would love the ability to have the attached web page take priority over the notes page.  But, for now, it works by just keeping the notes empty.
I use it just to view a page of content. If I want to interact, I'll open it in the system default browser (usually Chrome). The built-in browser doesn't have the facilities I'm used to for interaction and session browsing.

It would be very cool if TB9 could embed a system default browser window...
Work brain, like tomcal123, I have tickets linked to thoughts. Instead of switching I can just go into the window, maybe max it.

Personal brain, less so. It's not really a web-leaning brain, although it has a lot of URLs in it. I use the embedded browser in that case to see if this is what I wanted or needed, often opening pages in my external browser.
Using: Evernote | Filterize | Roam Research | Feedly | Save Page WE | TheBrain v11.0.91.0

(Windows 10)

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