I began working on a management process for a spiritual group that I belong to that has a network throughout much of the world and created a list of all of the countries, then created children off each for the boards of management and the secretaries and treasures and the layers of severdars or working teams plus many of the various meeting centres within the countries as I could.

I live here in India and live in Himachal Pradesh which is very much like my home country of New Zealand, prone to earthquakes and landslides and storms etc. Recently instruction was given to develop and implement an emergency and disaster programme within the state and so I began expanding the original management programme to include all of the aspects of disaster relief and planning that I could think of, that is downloading my brain into this one. So it has developed as a Civil Defence tool and as one looks at various scenarios and adds the lists of required resources and equipment, contacts and roles, control centres, relief centres, members etc to make it work it all becomes quite extensive.

Breaking it down to the fundamentals of what to do in a flood situation, an earthquake, fire, landslide and storm, with the sorts of equipment and resources required in each scenario is fine in theory, however on the ground educating people whom are very keen but have never seen any kind of proper equipment is another story. So thankfully I have a lot of stuff with me that is essentially survival gear to show people what they need but the way the disasters hit this place it really means zip at this stage of the game. But identification is important and having the same game plan for each community is also essential so I am hopeful that TheBrain with attached forms for incidents, situation reports, team tasking, first aid, communications protocols and so on plus a range of images to show what equipment is needed, what resources have to be collected, made and how to use things will be useful when it really matters.

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