I was surprised to find that almost overnight, the size of my brain folder has jumped from about 30 MB to over 230 MB.  The most massive of the folders seem to be the TMP and TEXT folders, which appear to contain all sorts of files that seem to be the content of many  URLs to which thoughts are linked, as well as quite large ones that appear to relate to embedded videos.

I have not consciously done anything to import any of these webpages into the brain, so why should there be this sudden bloat?  Does embedding save video files into the Brain?  Are copies made of webpage content?
Thanks for the feedback. This is an issue that we are currently aware of and are working on.

Thank you,



PB4 indexes all attached content, including web pages... The increased file size is due to the indexing being created for those pages and text versions of those page being store so that preview search results can be shown.

FYI, tThe tmp, txt, and index folders does not need to be backed up as they can be regenerated using the rebuild index command.


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