(1) I would like to be able to control the embedded browser setting on a per brain basis.
> As I understand it, the current preference setting for turning the embedded browser on or off applies to ALL brains opened in the desktop interface. (Options > Preferences > Behavior)

(2) I would also like to be able to right click on the content area in the desktop to turn this setting on/off within each individual brain in the same way the attachment view (list/tabs) can currently be controlled.

Please note: This is not a high priority request. I would much rather see current bugs be resolved in the web client and new enhancements added into the note editor.  However, these 2 browser control enhancements would be helpful further on down the road....
The notes editor.  No matter how good anything gets, there will always be, in a relative sense, a lowest point.

For me, currently, the lowest point of the application it's the notes editor.
@Enthroned_Casket ~

As I've indicated elsewhere in the forum, i share your concerns about the notes editor -- and, for this reason, I was hesitant to make any other feature requests since improvements to the notes editor and web client are the highest items on my (personal) list of priorities.

Thanks for sharing your input on this issue.
A few embedded browser issues / tweaks that would make sense to consider holistically when cracking the embedded browser code are aggregated within: Your embedded web browser must have a search ability inside a current opened page (CTRL - F)

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