When editing a type's properties, it is possible to use the new edit tags shortcut (Ctrl/Cmd+G) to add tags to a type.  The tags don't actually appear.   There's either an error that the edit tags dialog should not be opening, or the error is that we should be able to give tags to types but that's not working.

I think giving tags to types was not intended (it's not possible in v8), however it would be a nice feature if types could have tags too, and that thoughts of that type would inherit those tags in addition to the thought's local tags.

So this is either an error report, or a feature request [confused]
Wow... what a find! [biggrin]

You can certainly pretend to add Tags to Thought Types, but they aren't actually added... don't display and the Thought Type does not display as a child to the Tag [frown]

+1 to inheritable Tags though! But I think they'd be more useful if they were added at creation and editable afterward (so they could be deleted).

I think it's both an error report AND a feature request korm [wink]

Great find. Most likely an oversight when the keyboard shortcuts for adding a Tag was introduced, which is why we have you all [wink]. Writing it up and adding a feature suggestion for the possibility of inherited tags.

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