I'm getting an error (see attached) from PB (just downloaded latest version today but problem was occurring with previous version I had as well.).

Apparently PB clicnt on my Wn 7 machine is trying to sync with the WebBrain.com account that I have, but it can't because of a server clock issue??

My clock is 5 minutes fast (compared to what my cell phone says for the time), but every time I change it, the PC changes back to 5 mins fast. Not sure why that is.

Would a small discrepancy cause a problem like this error? What can I do?

If I need to send log file, could someone please post exactly how to find it on a Win 7 PC? I am having trouble locating it.
Click image for larger version - Name: 10-16-2011_2-03-46_PM.png, Views: 145, Size: 26.70 KB
hanseric, Thank You for posting.  If you are setting your system time to an authoritative source such as time.gov and your system time changes, if this is a work machine, you may want to check with your network admin to see if they are setting the time via a system policy to another time source. 


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