This may be a silly issue, but in tb8 I use the ESC key to remove focus out of the notes area. My day-2-day interaction with th8 consists of the keyboard and hot-keys exclusively. I hardly ever use the mouse.

Also, a "nice-to-have" would be the ability to remap the arrow keys from [left, down, up, right] to ["h", "j", "k", "l"] respectively. Then I could use ["H", "J", "K"] to create ["jump", "child", "parent"] thoughts. When I need to search, pressing the "/" key would direct focus to the search bar. 

Is there a way to change the default font in notes to a monospaced typeface?

 in tb8 I use the ESC key to remove focus out of the notes area

This stumped me too for a while. Escape would be useful. For right now you can use ⌘/ctrl+s to get out of the notes area in TheBrain 9.
macOS 10.14.6
TheBrain 11.0.119
zenrain wrote:


Very nice! Would prefer ESC, but this is better than nothing. Would still love to see "VIM" style navigation, or at least allow to remap the nav keys.
Keys without modifiers (Ctrl/Cmd/Alt) cannot be used because TB9 let you start typing to search immediately. Allowing keys without modifiers would prevent this.

The ability to change fonts is coming soon. Alternately you can use the "code" paragraph style.

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