Ok, REXX can be a robust macro making, intra and inter application language...

but PB already has ESP, which when turned on monitors text applications looking for 'key words' and then sending the PB application the direction to activate a certain thought.... simple but the basic 'macro' ability is then already built into ESP.

What we need to take that simplicity and turn it into a full fledged macro ability for PB is just two things for TheBrain coders to put into the PB code:

1.  Have a "key word" list which ESP searches for from a .txt file or delimited text file, and perhaps even, as now, the existing text application.  Incorporate all menu options of PB into that 'key word' list.

2.  Add into the PB menu a menu option, perhaps under the ESP area, to load in a text file, or some type of delimited text file, which a customer creates using the key words now incorporated into ESP. 

Bam!  Done.

An example of a few keywords:

<MyThought>: moves the PB focus to that Thought
<Note>     : moves the PB focus (cursor) to the Note input window

and then any text that comes after that keyword <Note> comma, is automatically added into that thoughts note. 

So that line, in a text file, would look like this:

<MyThought>,<Note>,"please add this text to the note section..."

or another example:


If TheBrain wanted to get fancy, a menu option page, with small images of each 'keyword', so the user could hit a button, Make macro, and then select the order of certain keywords, linking them in an order for their personal use.  Heck, you might even be able to just allow the User to define the all the"key words" in a Menu template/setup option.

This simple type of inclusion of 'key words' and text file reading into the current ESP would make working away from a PC and PB simple, and with Dragon Naturally Speaking transcribing voice notes, awesome...

I can certainly speak faster than I can type... and I can type pretty quickly.

Doing REXX would require cosiderablely more work.

I haven't been a coder for some time, but seems to me it'd take about a day to accomplish this ESP addition, as this addition would simply use the existing PB structure/application.

This could be in the next small update,!

<TheBrainStaff>,<Note>,"Please do this for us!...  Thank you."

I'll buy the coders the beer


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