I saw some threads from a couple of years back asking about Markdown support, and I saw the poll inquiring about markdown as well. All I have really seen in those threads really amounts to something along the lines of "it is being considered as a requested feature"

As of now I'm still using the bit of a hack that is "Make an attachment of a markdown file", while it *works*, the need to open up/make a whole new program/file to look at it is a little cumbersome.

Since I haven't really seen any communication on the topic since then, and with TB10 (semi-)recent release, I was wondering if anyone could comment on the feature's state of development, or if its in development at all, along with a possible (albeit very) tentative estimated time of arrival?
doubt this is coming up. The notes editor is what it currently is. There have been a lot of request for this or that feature (e.g.: native support of tables, or ability to use multiple font sizes), and TB is pretty clear that the note editor is what it is; a very simple, notepad like editor -- and if you want more, use something else and attach that instead.

I think your setup is pretty close to the easiest way of doing this. Use something like Typora, associate .md files with it, and then clicking the attachment would launch Typora.

On the other hand, the beauty of MD is that it remains readable anywhere, so you could just display it unformated in the notes.
Using: Evernote | FilterizeDynalist | Feedly | Save Page WE | TheBrain v11.0.50.0

(Windows 10)

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