I finally took a weekend to acquire a critical mass of familiarity with PB, took the blue pill, and am now a paid-up PB 6.0 user.

So far so good, but I wanted to suggest an improvement to Event Scheduling.  Currently, there is a nice calendar control for the day;  I would suggest a clock control for the time...similar, say, to the Lotus Notes clock control, where you can drag the start & end times.  Also, a minimum 30 minute duration is too long.  Again, Lotus Notes provides a model...whatever you do with the clock control, you should be able to manually override it by typing start, end, or duration times.

Radio button prioritization with three choices is fairly old school!  How about a slider bar from Low Priority to High Priority.  For extra credit, dynamic display of the events with similar (just higher, just lower) priority (determined by where you drag on the slider) would make prioritization really cool, as you would effectively place the event exactly where you want it on your completely prioritized list.

I would consider the clock control requirement a bug, and the prioritization requirement a wishlist entry.


Welcome to the forums and thank you for the feedback.  I'll add these items to our developers 6.0 list.

Thank you,

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