With all the past posts on giving PB better abilities to quickly capture information on the fly, I noticed the Evernote folks just released an API.  It would be great PB could offer an integration where you could take notes in Evernote, and then click a button and have the note(s) automatically populated under the selected parent in PB.  Basically Evernote would be the universal inbox for quickly gathering information and then you put what you want into PB when time permits. 
Excellent request.  They would make a powerful duo with features that complement each other. I use EverNote 3 to capture web pages and clipping because I can do it very quickly with its capture button. I would like to:

1. Drag/copy and drop/paste a EverNote note into an existing thought and PB creates a hyperlink in thought note window to Evernote. (This behavior existed in EN 2.2 but was removed in EN 3.0. However, I believe it can be implemented programmatically.)

2. Drag/copy and drop/paste an Evernote note to PB plex and it becomes a new thought. The EN title becomes the thought name, tags are copied, and if note size is small it is copied to thought note else as a link, and the source URL is also copied.

3. Drag/copy and drop/paste a PersonalBrain thought in EverNote 3 to create an new note. (This requires mapping PB export XML to EN XML.)

The above is possible because dragging and dropping an EverNote 3 note exports an XML structure similar to copying a PB note. PB just need to be programmed to read the EverNote structure.
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I have both on my system for knowledge gathering and management and I can't decide which one to use.

I would not suggest using two applications to store your data and information in. I think you will get troubles to manage it in the long run. I would prefer one application (with PB being my current number 1.).

PersonalBrain (version 4.5):
+ file attachments
+ great gui to make links between information visible
- it is not as easy (specially compared to Evernote) to capture webpages, free text, ect.

Evernote (version 2.2):
+ great way of capturing al kind of data (I use the universal clipper a lot)
+ gui is different but gives a lot of information.
- no file attachments

I mostly use PersonalBrain as the extra effort to capture all kind of links is not so much a problem compared to Evernote's lack of attachments adding to a note.

I think that's a great idea but I'd go a step further. I find myself using Evernote more and more simply because of its ease of access. I would like to see a web based version of Personal Brain that syncs to the desktop version like Evernote does. That would make it the perfect choice for me. Currently, to have that level of availability, I have to carry my Brain around on a usb stick. I am always fearful of losing it and my Brain with it.


That's a valid point about using two systems, but I really don't want to so much keep track of information in two different places (although for some things it helps).  I look to Evernote more as a universal capture  tool and Inbox, or even a scrapbook if you like.  As you know, Evernote is great for those activities, but nothing beats the flexibility of PB when it comes to organizing related information.   On the other hand with Evernote, I can capture anything I want usually with one click including pictures and voice notes with my iPhone.  Plus, since I don't have PB with me when I'm away from my PC, I know I can always look up info in a pinch with Evernote from a smartphone, or just any internet browser for information I've sync'd to the web.  Lastly, if I need to share information with others easily, I can just publish those notes on the web with a few clicks.

It would be great to be able to use one tool for all this, but unfortunately, neither can do it all.   And as was pointed out, since Evernote now uses XML to store the notes, it shouldn't be too much to have PB recognize that for a drag and drop.  I've already noticed that if I try to do that now, it does create an entry in PB, but it is just has meaningless numbers, since there is no XML translation currently.

This would be a really useful feature. Thumbs up on that.
End of 2007 Harlan mentioned a big undertaking re. syncing. That alone would help me a lot: if PB could be used the way EN can be used "everywhere".

I've found myself reverting to EN simply because entry is fast but more importantly because it is on my laptop and desktop computer automatically.

Running PB from a stick is too slow, here. And syncing it manually, then moving it over... too much work.

I like the way I can organize thoughts and have upgraded from 4 to 5 but often, as I again close the program less used than the day before, wonder why.
*Cough* Dropbox. *Cough*

In all seriousness, DropBox has changed my usage of PB so I use it much more on my Mac at home. It basically is a folder like any other that's synced to the cloud, and you can specify any computer to sync with it. Only file changes are updated and since it's a local folder, you lose absolutely no speed.
I've been using it for several months now, and it's worked flawlessly. As long as you always close PB and let it finish the sync on one computer, and let the sync finish on your other computer prior to opening, it works fantastically. There are several cases where it was confused (mainly because someone left PB open on both computers at once), but then it makes a copy of the file and renames the old one to "file name + computer + date/time".
Make a brainzip and try it for a day or two, it's free for up to 2 gig.
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Oh that sounds interesting. I've been thinking to do something like that using one of Windows Live's offerings.

Thanks for the tip!
i "second" zenrain's introduction to DropBox
i have been using it since early November, and after a couple
of missteps of my own making, it has worked flawlessly
(main brain 2500+ thoughts, plus multiple brains).
The PB team does amazing things consistently with PB - best customer
support I have experienced in years
and I have noticed a similar focus on the customer from the DropBox team.
It has eased my utilization and increased my use of PB seamlessly

An Evernote item can be dragged into PB now (I'm using vers. 3.x of Evernote and 5.x of PB) but clicking on the item in PB posts a duplicate to EN rather than opening it.

Can't that be changed programatically pretty easily (says the non-programmer!)?

I would buy the Core version if even basic integration of EN was implemented with a commitment to fully integrate the two. I see reasons to use both but agree that being careful about how that is done is important. I see the basic approach as follows:

- EN as the main capture tool - does it well. Everything goes into EN
- Drag into PB only those items where visual connection is important.

Actually, if PB did captures from web and other applications the way EN does it, game, set and match for PB!

-- The Cap'n
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is it possible to create a link (maybe a URL) from a PB thought to a particular note in EverNote?

Evernote version 2: yes.

Evernote version 3: no.

2 has GUID links to notes like this:


So if you would move the DB your links would go dead.

Version 3 has no linking at all (yet) but might have down the line.
I really wanted to like EverNote, but some aspects of the user interface are too messy for me to cope with. I thought Evernote v2.2 had potential, but  I really didn't like EverNote v3.x, so I gave up on it. Consequently, I've ended up using the Evil Empire's product instead (One Note). Linking from PB to to any note in One Note is easy (right click on the text in the page in One Note and select Copy Hyperlink to this Paragraph, etc.). Pasting web pages into One Note gives better results than pasting web pages into the notes tab of PB. The notes tab really spoils the PB user experience. EverNote's web clipper is an excellent tool, and I wish PB had an equivalent 'clipper' style tool, preferably together with a re-worked note tab that properly renders what has been pasted into the note tab from Firefox etc.

vlad1 wrote:
... EverNote's web clipper is an excellent tool, and I wish PB had an equivalent 'clipper' style tool, preferably together with a re-worked note tab that properly renders what has been pasted into the note tab from Firefox etc.

Amen to all the above!  I'm a long time PB and OneNote user, and have recently discovered EverNote, so now I'm using all three.  I see strengths in each, and I'd particularly like PB to be the central app which would integrate the other two.

I like EverNote's quick clip capability, and that it can sync to the desktop app on various PCs, as well as be accessed on the web.  I don't trust it with sensitive information, and I use it more for clipping things that I might want to use. 

I still use OneNote as my main storage app, and like that it will automatically synch across a local network of PCs with OneNote running on the others, so that OneNote files on each of the PCs are up to date -- gives also a degree of assurance about not losing years of data.

Nothing comes close to PB for the graphical interface and speed of finding something, but I agree that the Notes tab is quite limited.

Right now, I have icons in Outlook, Internet Explorer and Firefox for linking to EverNote and OneNote.  What I'd really like to see is a PB icon in each of those applications.
How do you use OneNote as your main storage app? Always interested.

I have over 2500 notes in Evernote. It's my "everything out of my mind" database, a Google for what I thought, saw or noted.

PB is different in that the view itself can express information, like with Jerry Michalski's brain.

I track a lot of people and often use his setup: employing company as parent, company someone owns as child, former companies as jump.
I do the same with lots of other personal data.

When I talk with one of these persons everything on the screen makes instant sense.

As information storage I find it's a job using it, sometimes.

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