I love PersonalBrain but the fact you do not have an IOS Client forced me to look elsewhere for my GTD Universal Inbox (since my iPhone 4 is always with me).

Evernote is truly a universally available tool. They have clients for most platforms (including mobile devices) and they provide seemless synchronization (even for free users).

Evernote is a fantastic tool to index searchable PDFs or pictures but it does not index other types of files like PB does (MS Office et al).

since they released their API, why not build in hooks to EN where a user can choose to link certain thoughts to notebooks (on evernote)? Any note I would create in that notebook could get synchronized back to PB as a child.

PB could also use Evernote as a web enabled storage device to store its files. the files would be available everywhere and synchronized for free (as long as >60MB of new content is added per month).

Yes. Yes. Yes.

Evernote is an extremely good tool.
Personal Brain is an extremely good tool. 

Their strengths are different. I use both.

If the two were integrated, it would be absolutely outstanding.

You can now I believe integrate the two by putting an evernote web address into personal brain as an attachment.

However, the desktop evernote client is of course the tool used when possible. The internet evernote web page is used only when the desktop client is unavailable.

There should be a way to link to evernote that works through the desktop client (it of course would be best if the link worked to both the internet page and the desktop client -- that would be the best of all worlds)..

This would be wonderful. Please. Please. Do it.

I hope more people support this idea here and on their UserVoice votting site. I would love to see these 2 integrated

Sign me up.  I am loving Evernote and have scanned a hundred pounds of paperwork into it.  I'd love to be able to link to notes from my Brain.


NB: I only use Evernote as a capture + transfer to PC environment when i'm on my mobile. Once we have a PB specific mobile variant that covers the same I would no doubt be switching to that.


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With the latest version of Evernote you can link from PB to an Evernote document... If PB could index these document it would be great!

Just to provide another point of view -- I dislike Evernote. In fact, one reason I use PersonalBrain is as a substitute for EN. I'm not saying you shouldn't accomodate EN users with this request, but my preference would be for you to focus on getting webBrain sync functioning smoothly and without a hitch before tackling EN integration.
Just wondering, does Evernote allow you to export files back out again yet (in a useable format)?
macOS 10.14.6
TheBrain 11.0.119
As far as I've seen, there is only an HTML export that will let you export a bunch of stuff at the same time. Not terribly usable IMO. That is one reason I've avoided Evernote, other than the fact that it just doesn't "feel" right on the Mac. Of course PB isn't any better in the native feel category.
Thanks jbaty. That's what I thought, but I didn't know if they'd released a new version that has more robust export features.
macOS 10.14.6
TheBrain 11.0.119

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