When I perform an 'exact phrase' search within Advanced Search, the results that are returned contain highlighted words that aren't an exact match.  For example, searching for "authorized" returns "author", and "accessible" returns "accessing" and "access".  I can understand, and even appreciate, these variations being found when I perform a search from the Plex, but not when I use the 'exact phrase' field.

Also, some of these variations are given a relevance score that is much higher than the score given to what I searched for.  So since I sort by relevance, all these other search-results clutter the list and make it difficult to locate the appropriate result.


Your Brain is still utilizing the synonyms list filter and the stemmer filter.  Words that are synonyms of the desired search or contain a portion of the root of the word (such as tool and tools) will be treated as an equal match.  Please try the following if you would like to receive only 'exact' search results:
  1. Open the Program Files > PersonalBrain6 > res > SearchEngine.xml file.
  2. Make a backup copy of this file for future reference
  3. Edit the following lines by changing TRUE to FALSE:
    •   <Property name="enableStemmerFilter"  value="false"/>
    •   <Property name="enableSynonymsFilter" value="false"/>
  4. Save these changes and restart PB to test your search results.
Thank you,
Thanks, Matt.  Disabling stemmer provided the results I was looking for.  At first it wasn't working correctly, but this was fixed by running the 'refresh search index' utility.


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