Hi everyone, I thought I'd show an example of how using context-sensitive Thought names has helped me in my efforts to organize the many technical-reference documents my company produces.  Of course, I could have organized these documents in the same way without using context-sensitivity, but doing so would have meant retyping long Thought names and having my plex cluttered with these long names unnecessarily.

In the image below there are two products (Product-A and Product-B), each with at least one version, and each version having the same Thought names such as Documentation and Training.  If I had not used context-sensitive names I would have had to type, as an example, "Product-A", "Product-A 1.0" and "Product-A 1.0 Documentation".  Instead I typed "Product-A", ", 1.0" and ", Documentation".  As a result, each Thought name displayed in the plex is adjusted according to the context in which it's displayed.  Nice feature!

At this point you might wonder why I would want to have such long Thought names for my technical-reference material.  The reason is that these long names provide a lot of benefit within both the Instant Activation box and within Search.  This is also shown in the image below.  Had I used short Thought names, the results from typing 'user guide' in the IA box would not have allowed me to know which product and which version each guide belonged to.  And if I wanted to see every document I have for Product-A version 1.0, I could just type "product-a 1.0".

I hope that this little example helps you!

Brent Click image for larger version - Name: Context-sensitive_Thought_Names.png, Views: 132, Size: 60.88 KB
Nice example, I do this as well. Like you, I've found it critical for easily displaying related information in Instant Activate results.
macOS 10.14.6
TheBrain 11.0.119

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