I have a thought X.  If I click on it or click on it's '+' tab, I get about 32 children.
If I again click on the thought, the same 32 thoughts are still shown.  But, if I click on the '+' tab, theBrain does an expand all, which is unexpected and takes over the cpu cycles in my laptop.   Now when I click on the '-' tab, these new thoughts do not contract; I have to click the 'collapse all' menu button.

I'm not sure if the scenario above is exact or repeatable since the performance is effected and maybe the Brain is not reacting quick enough to my mouse clicks.

Josef, please see the PB4 guide at for a detailed discussion of what each of the expanded view controls does. The (+) and (-) are not exact opposites of each other and the buttons on the toolbar are different from the buttons next to thoughts...

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