Java: 7 update 55
OS: Win7 Ultimate x64 sp1

Issue: When in Expanded View, hidden thoughts become unhidden when clicking on and drawing links between visible thoughts. In addition, hidden thought will also "auto-unhide" at regular intervals of their own accord (ever ~1-2 minutes) — even if I'm working in another window on a completely different monitor (such as while composing this post). They also seem to unhide when I enter or exit Presentation Mode.

Note that thoughts do NOT unhide if I'm simply moving thoughts via click and drag unless via the periodic unhiding mentioned above. Thoughts will also rehide if I reload the saved view, but only until the next regular "auto-unhide" occurs.

Desired Behavior: Once a thought has been hidden, it should not reappear until I click on the plus sign (+) above a thought that directly links to it.

Scenario: I am using The Brain to create links between buildings on a town map for Pathfinder RPG. Each building thought has multiple parents associated with it including a thought for the name of the faction it belongs to, a thought containing all buildings, and a thought denoting what type of building it is (i.e. tavern, shop, farm, temple, etc.).

To aide me while I am running the game, each building has jump links drawn to each neighboring building along the various roads. This provides a great logical overview of the town as the heroes navigate it. However, with this unhiding issue, it becomes much more difficult and time consuming to creating the links and make use of the fully linked map since I have to keep rehiding the parent thoughts since their links otherwise obscure the whole map.

Impact: As a result of this undesirable behavior, Expanded View is essentially useless for anyone trying to create a map via the "nearest neighbor" method. While I can still make use of the thoughts themselves on my own private monitor, it is worse than worthless as a visual aid for my player since the unhiding would reveal metagame information they should not be privy to.

Attachments: "Intended.PNG" shows how the expanded view should look. "Undesired.PNG" shows what happens as hidden thoughts unhide themselves thru the undesired behavior noted above. If needed, I can upload the brain file as well. Click image for larger version - Name: Intended.PNG, Views: 117, Size: 4.97 MB Click image for larger version - Name: Undesired.PNG, Views: 118, Size: 4.98 MB

Can you please email a copy of the Brain to
Thanks for the prompt reply. I've uploaded it to my Dropbox and replied with the link to the email notification I received.
Anything new on this?

TheBrain Win7 x64 J-1.7.0_45

It was reported as a bug and is in the hands of our engineers.

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