Hi all,
today i worked a lot on a expanded view i needed, with not so many thoughts (like 22), some of them rich of long formatted text in notes.

Till i worked live on it, no problem, everything was wonderfully fluid.

Then i saved the Expanded view and i closed PB.

Some hours later opening it again, it presented many and various issues, like:

  • opening the brain the thoughts on the Plex where totally messed up on the left top corner, not readable because giant and it was freezed
  • trying to access menu to come back to normal view gave no results
  • the different menu were not working
  • i closed the brain reopened it, rebuilt the DB getting back error messages on error messages
  • many other
finally i was able to come back to a working Normal view but now every time i use/save/load an expanded view it freeze and give me back those problems.

So basically i can't use expanded view.

I attach all the error log (56!) produced in those step.

Hope to find a solution to vome back using expanded view with my actual brain.
Thanks a lot!


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